About the Society

The Blue Springs Historical Society is located at 101 S.W. 15th Street in downtown Blue Springs, Jackson County, Missouri 64015.

  • Providing local history information through our archival services.
  • Educating the public about the people and their lives in this area from the 1830s to early-20th century through tours of the Dillingham-Lewis House Museum, temporary exhibits, and a variety of activities and programs for adults and children.
  • Supporting our Museum and Archives in their responsibility for collecting and restoring historical artifacts and records pertaining to Blue Springs and adjacent areas of eastern Jackson County.
  • Supporting efforts to presserve local historic locations relevant to Blue Springs.
  • Providing opportunities for the general public to become actively involved in the Society’s efforts to perpetuate the history of Blue Springs, Missouri.
  • Promoting the creation and maintenance of the 1906 Educational Heritage Garden - a garden of heirloom plants found in the midwest prior to 1907. The garden is being developed through the collaboration the Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City, Society members, the Blue Springs and Fort Osage School Districts' Ag-Science students, members of the local 4-H Club and Scouts, and other students.



     The Dillingham-Lewis House Museum is a seven-room home that was built in 1906 by Morgan Vachel Dillingham.  From 1928 – 1947, Miss Narra Lewis resided in the home.  In 1976, the home was purchased by the Blue Springs Historical Society, Inc. and today is open for tours from March – December on Sunday afternoons.


    The Chicago & Alton Hotel was built in 1878 by J.K. Parr and is the oldest business building in Blue Springs.  It recently received a Victorian facelift based on it's orginal paint colors. It currently is in need of renovation and is unavailable for tours.


    The Society’s archives are maintained at the Blue Springs City Hall and are available to the public by appointment only.  We are currently working at placing this information on our website.


    A newsletter, The Historical Record, is published monthly and is supported by individual and business contributions.

    In early 2008 the Society received a grant for design and informational assistance from the Master Gardeners of Kansas City.  The project is a 4-year 4-phase 1906 Educational Heritage Garden for the grounds surrounding our buildings.  The heirloom plants will be native to the Midwest or hybridized before 1907.  Research is ongoing about the plants that were available in 1906 to Missouri gardeners.  The seeds will be grown in the Fort  Osage School District's greenhouse by the Ag-Science students and maintained by Master Gardeners, adult volunteers with a love of gardening, Ag-science students, other students, Scouts, and 4-H Club members.  The Sun Garden, between the Museum and Hotel was designed, planted and maintained since 2009.  We are currently designing phase II. We will purchase the heirloom seeds to be grown in the greenhouse and planted in April 2011.  In the winter of 2011, we will prepare and design a future gardens.