Dillingham- Lewis House Museum

A seven-room home that was built in 1906 by Morgan Vachel Dillingham. From 1928 - 1947, Miss Narra Lewis resided in the home. In 1976, the home was purchased by Blue Springs Historical Society, Inc. and today is open for tours from April - December, 2 days a week (except holidays). Open Thursdays from 12-2pm and Saturdays 11am-2pm.

Dillingham-Lewis House Museum

101 SW 15th Street

Blue Springs, MO


We are an all volunteer non-profit 501c3 organization formed in 1976. Financial support for the Society is through monetary and in kind donations, grants, fundraising activities and membership dues.

Blue Springs C&A Depot Museum

1108 SW Walnut

Blue Springs, MO


Chicago & Alton Train Depot
The original depot was constructed in 1879 and burned down in the early 1920's. The city asked the Chicago & Alton Railroad to rebuild the station. The reasons were several, specifically that the city back then was still an important transportation center for industry, travelers, and livestock. This is an important piece of history because it's the last one-story, wood and stucco Chicago and Alton train depot still standing in the state. It opened for tours in the fall of 2018. open for tours from April - December, 3 days a week (except holidays). Open for tours from April - December, 2 days a week (except holidays). Open Thursdays from 12-2pm and Saturdays 11am-2pm.

Chicago & Alton Hotel
Built in 1878 by J.K. Parr and is the oldest business building in Blue Springs. Has received a Victorian facelift based on its original paint colors. It's currently in need of complete renovation and is unavailable for tours.

The Blue Springs Historic Society is dedicated to

  • Preserving, promoting and fostering appreciation of the history of Blue Springs, Missouri.
  • Educating the public by providing archival and library services.
  • Supporting our museums responsibility for collecting and restoring historical artifacts and locations relevant to Blue Springs, Missouri.
  • Providing opportunities for the general public to become actively involved in the Society's efforts to perpetuate the history of Blue Springs, Missouri.

Our function is to

  • Strive to improve the Dillingham-Lewis House Museum, Chicago and Alton Hotel building and the Chicago and Alton Train Depot.
  • Develop and maintain a Heritage/Native Garden to educate the public about heirloom plants.
  • Acquire period items for display.
  • Conduct research about the history of our community and its members 

Our purpose is to bring together people interested in the history of Blue Springs and eastern Jackson County.​​